Saturday, December 24, 2016

Anniversary Poem

On the occasion of my parent's 50th wedding anniversary my sister organized a wonderful party. For that I wrote the poem below. 10 years later, on the occasion of their 60th anniversary we reread this. It seemed pretty good still so I record it here:

Oct 30, 2006

Mom & Dad
                                                     ~ Loom is set ~
Eyes clear and bright and sure
Gaze upon photographer
Crystal precipitate from on high
Friends and family standing by
Aisle creaks with solemn footfall
It all seems so simple after all
                                                     ~ First pick ~
Sleepless nights, long days at the office
Babies are so much work
First a rental, then a house
Dogs and cats start to join us
Garage fills with detritus
Not so simple after all!
                                                     ~ Warp ~
Watching races from the bench
Where's the damn crescent wrench?
Awful ties, grass clumped in the mower
Hoses snakes out to wash the Oldsmobile
House echoes with familial din
Stuff of life piles to distraction
                                                     ~ Weft ~
Rainbow bell bottoms, 70's bouffants
Fashion disasters march upon government
Gangly legs in endless blur
Tube tents, gorp and neat backpack
(why can't my son do that?)
Footfalls trace a complex pattern
                                                     ~ Wind ~
Loading boxes into car
Hugs and kisses from afar
Council of Aging and Interex
Hard work that paves the way
For freedom from the day-to-day
Apparently simple, but wait
                                                     ~ Weave ~
Sleepy curls, cheesy noodles and piggy backs
Wednesday pickups and gummy snacks
Urgent care and help divine
To know too well the smell of Betadine
The heart lurches and then it rends
But life goes on in the end
                                                     ~ Threading cross ~
Now playtime is the golden rule
And wisdom the grandparent's tool
Heart and mind beat so very true
Eyes still bright and clear and sure
But deeper now with limpid reflection
Of life being lived with best intention
                                                     ~ Tapestry ~

C.A.P (Jr)

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